About Us

Dairy Vet Shops specialises in the online provision of premium cattle farm products. Dairy Vet Shops objective is twofold: to boost cattle farms management practices and to strengthen the relationship between veterinarians and cattle breeders. The products relate to: feed, hoof care, udder care, fertility and cowshed hygiene. The emphasis of Dairy Vet Shops products is both on enhancing operating procedures and on preventing (sub) clinical health problems. In practice, this includes, for example, easier milking processes, improved effectiveness in identification of cows calving or in heat and the offer of specific cattle feeds to avoid trace element deficiencies. The use of antibiotics can be expected to be reduced as a result of a shift of focus from remedial to preventive strategies. The range of products on offer is available from Dairy Vet Shops only. Cattle farmers place their orders online and when doing so have to provide their veterinarianís name so that he or she is directly involved. Accordingly, the cattle farm and veterinarian are required to complete a one-time registration process on the website. The products do not need to be purchased by veterinarians.

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